Ukulele Made of Abandoned house 「建築物ウクレレ化保存計画」

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第4回テーマ: アーチストの考古学にふれる
話題: 「都市の皮膚下記憶を掘り起こす」
話題提供者: 伊達伸明 氏(美術家 「建築物ウクレレ化保存計画」主宰)


11月14日 第4回京都A&Aフォーラム開催!
迄を主宰する気鋭の美術家 伊達伸明 氏から


The 4th meeting on 14 Nov.

Nov.14  2014    The4th meeting of Kyoto A&A Forum at the Museum of Kyoto

Such interesting talk from Nobuaki Date who is an artist making Ukuleles from the pieces of destroyed  houses and public constructions.

His works and talk made us thinking about human memories in the hard surroundings that may be needed to excavated from the hard and soft physical sediments写真館-g-h-i/